ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab

(INCI: Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil) is a natural botanical emollient. The emollient is sourced from the west Africa, near Sahel and contributes directly to the UNCCD ‘Great Green Wall’ initiative to ‘Re-green Sahel Zone’ and gives social and ecological impact to the area and the local people, especially the women. With the use as cosmetic emollient the seeds which are not utilized so far, it gives the local people an additional income for better life. ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab has a well-balanced composition with an optimized low amount of triglycerids with cyclopropeonic fatty acids beside a high ratio of tocopherol. ECOHANCE® Soft Baobab, is non-irritant and non-comedogenic. It has moisturizing as well as soothing efficacy and comes along with a premium caring and soft skin feel.

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